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What should you do immediately after a car accident?

Car accidents range in severity from minor fender benders or parking lot accidents to tragic collisions that cause serious injury or even death. Oftentimes, having an accurate record of what happened when the accident occurred can protect you if you suffered injury at the hands of another.

If you were in a car accident that was not your fault, there are a few necessary steps you must take. While the other driver may try to convince you that it is not important to call the police or file a report, you should trust your own experience and knowledge any time an accident occurs.

Stay calm and check for injuries

If there are serious, life-threatening injuries, the first concern is to tend to those. Call the police and emergency services to keep everyone safe and ensure that all involved have the medical treatment they need. Even after an accident where it appears there were no injuries, you should have a medical examination in case a problem pops up later.

Document information

Make a list of the following: witness names, the location and time of the accident, the other driver’s license plate number, name and insurance information. Try to document with pictures any injuries or damage to your car. Always call a law enforcement officer and file an official report about the accident.

Do not sign anything without the advice of a professional

This is particularly important if someone else caused the accident. Even if you are intimidated and confused, never sign a document without having a lawyer go over it first. The only thing you should sign is the report that law enforcement finishes for you. Do not speak openly about the accident to anyone until you have spoken to your attorney.

Lifelong injuries, pains and medical conditions can be the result of an accident caused by another driver. If you suffered an injury and feel you deserve compensation for the accident, schedule an appointment with an attorney today.


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