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How to safely share the road with truckers

Truckers have the difficult job of navigating roads and freeways in a vehicle much larger than the average car. While they have their own safety standards and requirements, it is also important that other drivers share the responsibility of keeping the road safe.

An accident with a large truck can be devastating and deadly for a small car or motorcycle. Rather than face the injuries that may come from a serious accident, we have a few tips to help you stay safe on the road with truckers.

Know the blind spots

Trucks have more blind spots than cars, and if you are driving in a smaller vehicle, it is likely that truck drivers cannot see you. They may try to change lanes or turn when you are in one of their blind spots. You can avoid this problem by passing trucks quickly and getting out of their blind spots as fast as possible.

Give them space

Trucks require more space and time to change lanes, make turns and slow down. While you may be able to slam on the brakes and stop your car, a trucker needs extra time because of the size of the machine. Be aware of trucks on the road, and give them space to merge and move when necessary. Keep enough distance between you and the truck that it can stop if it needs to.

Avoid that right side

Trucks must make wide right turns to avoid hitting sidewalks or curbs. Sometimes a car will pull up to the right side of the truck and try to turn or pass it. This often means the auto ends up sandwiched between a truck and another obstacle, which can be deadly for drivers of smaller vehicles. Give trucks ample time and space to make a wide right turn, even if you must slow down to do it.

Know your rights

Truckers must be extremely careful and competent when they are on the road, or there can be severe consequences. If you have practiced safe driving but still were injured in a trucking accident, speak to an attorney as soon as possible.


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