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How to handle road rage safely

There are numerous sources for anger and frustration while driving, such as slow-moving traffic. Some drivers do not handle these stressors well, nor their subsequent emotions. In fact, close to 80 percent of drivers show some degree of road rage at least once a year, reports AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.

Road rage includes minor behaviors such as obscene gestures to major dangers such as threats. Regardless of the level of aggression, any of these behaviors pose a risk to your safety. Therefore, it is best to respond to road rage as follows to avoid getting into an accident with the reckless driver or anyone else in the vicinity.

Do not react with anger

It can be tempting to react vengefully to someone’s poor behavior, regardless of who made the driving mistake. But returning rage for rage only aggravates the situation. Do not give in to the desire to respond in the following ways:

  • Speeding up to pass or follow a driver who cut you off
  • Blocking a driver from getting in your lane
  • Braking unexpectedly to stop a tailgating driver
  • Rear-ending the offending vehicle

Instead, ignore the behavior. Even well-deserved reactions are not worth the possibility of the encounter leading to harm and the loss of lawsuit privileges due to your contributing actions.

Report dangerous drivers

If the other motorist is driving severely recklessly, call 911 and share as much descriptive information on the person and vehicle as you can. Then let the authorities handle the rest. If the driver follows or threatens you, go to the nearest police or fire station. If there is none, pull into a crowded, public location. This way you will not be alone and there will be many people to witness anything that may happen.

Respond with legal action

If road rage leads to you getting hurt in an accident, take the matter to a personal injury lawyer. An attorney will help you claim compensation from the responsible party. You should not have to pay the financial consequences of another motorist’s anger management issues.


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