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Move Over! Bill requires slow drivers to move over from Left lane

Move Over! Bill requires slow drivers to move over from Left lane.

Have you ever been frustrated with a slow driver on the interstate who refused to move over allowing you to pass them? Ever lost your temper with someone driving below the posted speed limit in the left hand, fast lane, on the highway? Ever felt road rage when your driving a couple miles over the speed limit (just a couple) and a car is blocking an entire line of traffic by driving below the posted speed limit? This bill has my wife, Lisa’s, name all over it.

Senators Jeff Tarte of Mecklenburg County, Tom McInnis of Rockingham and Jim Davis of Macon County are to thank (or blame if you’re the slow driver) for proposing Senate Bill 303 which would require slower traffic to move over allowing the inside or left lane to be used as the Fast or Passing lane on the interstate as it was designed.  Drivers failing to move over could be fined.

The bill would define a person is “impeding the steady flow of traffic” if the person knows or reasonably should know that he or she is being overtaken from the rear by a vehicle traveling at a higher rate of speed. Senate Bill 303 (which we are going to call Lisa’s law) would prevent slower traffic from resulting in rear end collisions and injuries to other drivers. Often it is not the driver of the slow traffic that is rearended, instead it is another vehicle in the line of faster traffic having to come to a quick stop when approaching the slower vehicle in the left lane.

Senate Bill 303 does not promote exceeding the speed limit, instead it promotes a common sense approach to driving we all need to follow. So Move Over! Bill requires slow drivers to move over from Left lane!


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