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Company building remote control tech for trucks

North Carolina motorists may be interested to learn that truck drivers may soon be operating their commercial vehicles remotely. A company based in San Francisco created remote control technology that could be retrofit into commercial trucks that are already using the roadways.

The remote control technology allows the operator of the truck to sit in an office and drive the vehicle as if they were in the cab. The company’s goal is to allow drivers to work remotely so that they can spend more time at home with their families. Additionally, being able to operate their vehicle from afar makes the job much safer for the drivers. It also makes the work environment appear more appealing to those who are interested in becoming truck drivers.

The retrofit kit allows the drivers to control the steering, throttle and transmission just like they would if they were sitting in the truck cab. The truck is also outfit with cameras and radar that would give the truck driver all the data they need to operate the vehicle safely. The technology has been tested successfully, though it has not been tested in highway conditions.

Although retrofit remote control technology could make driving a commercial vehicle safer for the truck driver, the drivers of passenger vehicles are still at risk for becoming involved in a serious semi truck accident. A personal injury attorney may file a lawsuit against the driver of the truck and the company that hired the driver if it was found that the driver was not operating the truck safely.


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