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Steps to take after a slip and fall accident

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2017 | Premises Liability

No matter how many safety policies a business has, slip and fall accidents are still one of the leading causes of injuries in the United States. According to the National Floor Safety Institute, falls account for over eight million emergency room visits each year, or about 21.3 percent of all visits. Although most slip and fall accidents do not account for fatal injuries, these accidents are the most common cause of traumatic brain injuries. Whether you are injured on the job or when you are a customer, you should know what to do following a slip and fall accident:

  • Do get medical treatment quickly. Make sure to tell the physician about the accident. If the injuries are not immediately obvious, when you do seek medical treatment, discuss the timeline of the effects of the fall.
  • Follow through on medical treatment. You need to do everything you can to mitigate the harm caused by the injury.
  • Preserve evidence, if you can. Keep the clothing you wore and the shoes you had on. Do not wash these items. There might be chemicals or materials on the items that could have contributed to your injuries. Have a friend take pictures at the time of the injury or go back to the place as soon as you can.
  • Keep all medical bills, documents and receipts following the injury.
  • Make notes about your injury, the treatment and any information you remember about the place, time and date. Who saw the accident? What were you doing? What was the weather like? How much foot traffic was around?
  • Do not make a recorded statement to the insurance company.
  • Be careful what you post on social media. If you are supposed to be injured but post a picture of yourself on a roller coaster the day after the accident, this information could be used against your claim. It is best to just go quiet on social media until you have spoken to an attorney about your social media use.
  • You have no legal obligation to talk to the insurance company, adjuster or representative of the business until you are ready. Do not feel pressured to give a statement to anyone.

Think about hiring an advocate for your case

Proving negligence in a slip and fall case is not easy, but you should consider talking to an attorney if your injuries are severe. You need to think about your medical bills, your lost wages and any other damages that came after your slip and fall accident.


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