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Millenials and risky driving behaviors

An AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety survey has found that 88 percent of drivers who are aged 19 to 24 years admitted to exhibiting dangerous driving behaviors during the previous month. North Carolina drivers who are concerned about road safety should know that the risky behavior included running red lights, speeding and texting while driving.

The results of the survey of 2,511 drivers showed that 59.3 percent of millennials admitted to typing and sending an email or text while driving, while just 31.4 percent of other drivers admitted doing so. 

Almost half of the millennial respondents stated that they ran a red light when they could have safely stopped in time, while 36 percent of other drivers said they did the same. Speeding 10 miles per hour over the speed limit in a school zone is considered to be acceptable driving behavior, according to almost 12 percent of the millennial participants and 5 percent of other drivers.

The survey also discovered that many drivers tended to engage in the same behaviors that they considered unacceptable by others. This included aggressive, distracted and impaired driving.

Eighty-one percent of the drivers who responded to the survey supported requiring ignition locks for drivers who were convicted of driving while intoxicated for the first time. Also, 63.5 percent agreed with reducing the current national blood-alcohol concentration limit to 0.05 percent from 0.08 percent. However, 2.5 percent of drivers admitted that during the last year, they consumed alcohol and marijuana and went driving within an hour afterwards.

These types of negligent drivers cause thousands of serious car accidents each year, many of which involve catastrophic injuries to their passengers or to occupants of other vehicles. Victims of such an accident may want to have the help of a personal injury attorney in seeking compensation for their losses.


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