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5 noticeable signs that a driver is drunk

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2017 | Firm News

It is well-known fact that drinking alcohol and driving do not mix. The majority of alcohol-related crashes across the nation are caused by binge drinkers. Even people in Raleigh who socially drink are at risk of drunk driving if they do not allow enough time to pass before they get behind the wheel. Drunk driving accidents are usually avoidable. You should learn how to recognize the signs of intoxicated driving so you can take measures to keep you and your passengers safe.

1. Reckless driving

Many drunk motorists become reckless drivers. They disregard traffic signs, speed, ignore road courtesies and intimidate other motorists by tailgating behind them. Their lack of inhibitions causes them to become reckless, even though it also puts their lives at risk for harm and death. You should not attempt to engage reckless drivers. Doing so could cause them to become upset and lead to road rage.

2. Driving too slow

Some intoxicated drivers speed, but many others drive too slow. They think they are driving at posted speed limits when they are not. Slow drivers are very dangerous to encounter. They hinder the proper flow of traffic and confuse and aggravate other motorists.

3. Weaving from side to side


Drunk drivers often weave from side to side in their lanes, wandering all over the road. They cannot control their vehicles. Small driving maneuvers become big ones because they end up overcompensating for their condition. You cannot predict how intoxicated motorists are going to react. It is in your best interest to park somewhere safely and report any drunk motorists you see to the authorities.


4. Frequent stops


If you see drivers who keep making sudden stops, steer clear of them. Intoxicated motorists are not fully aware of their actions or situations. They have trouble making good driving decisions. You should not expect for a drunk driver to react like a normal driver in any situation.


5. Sleeping or passed out at the wheel


It is not uncommon to see intoxicated drivers asleep or passed out at their steering wheels. Whether their vehicles are parked or in operation, you should report these offenders as soon as it is safe for you to do so.

Some drunk drivers may not show any obvious signs of intoxication. They may look and act like every other motorist on the road. Even so, you should monitor the driving actions and appearances of all drivers you encounter. If you are involved in a car accident situation with a drunk driver, contact an attorney to learn more about your options.


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