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Top industries for nonfatal injuries

North Carolina workers in certain industries might be more likely to be injured at work than those in other industries. The U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics released a list of the five industries that have the most nonfatal accidents. In 2015, almost 3 million private-sector employees had an illness or injury related to their work.

The private sector industry in which nonfatal injuries were most common in 2015 was animal production. Defined by the BLS as including people who work with animals in places such as feedlots and farms to be sold as products, this industry had 6.6 injuries for every 100 workers. Residential care and nursing facilities had 6.5 injuries per 100 workers, but facilities run by local and state governments had even higher rates of 11.7 per 100 people.

Among couriers and messengers, there were about 30,000 injuries. This means that for every 100 workers, there were 6.4 injuries. Wood product manufacturing saw 5.9 injuries per 100 people, and among those in the air transportation industry, including mechanics and pilots, the injury rate was 5.8 per 100 workers. In November and December, the agency will release additional reports including one on workplace fatalities and one that also looks at illnesses.

On-the-job injuries may range from repetitive stress injuries to injuries from accidents such as falls, equipment malfunction and more. People who are injured in this way may be eligible for workers’ compensation even if they think they are not and even if their employer says they are not. In some cases, an employer may not understand workers’ rights or may try to discourage a worker from filing a workers’ compensation claim. Before making this decision, an injured employee may decide to speak with an attorney. A lawyer who works on cases involving workers’ compensation may be able to help a victim of workplace injury review their legal options.


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