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The digital age and workplace safety

The digital age is affecting every aspect of living, and it has extended to the workplace. North Carolina workers may be interested to know how the implementation of workplace safety is becoming more digitized.

Metal detectors are one of the first defenses to being safe and are becoming a standard in many workplaces. They are able to detect whether an individual is carrying a knife, gun or any metal item that may do harm to someone else. The detectors that are used today are a vast improvement from previous versions, being able to detect even the smallest piece of metal.

Bulletproof glass is also a common part of workplace safety, especially in banks and other financial institutions. It provides a sturdy defense for individuals who have to regularly serve the public and can be used in conjunction with metal detectors.

Another way the digital age is improving workplace safety is in enhanced security. In addition to having traditional, onsite security guards, many places of business are using digital security tools, such as digital security cameras, motion-activated lights and more. Even if culprits were able bypass the lights and security guards, they would still be caught by the security cameras.Workplace safety has also improved with laser safety curtains and 3D visualization technology. Laser safety curtains can be used an insurance against the off chance that someone manages to walk through a metal detector with a weapon. With 3D technology, possible threats to workplace safety can be identified before they occur.

Although workers’ compensation is traditionally associated with workplace accidents, benefits could also be available to an employee who is assaulted by a customer or other third party. An attorney could help prepare and file the required claim while also determining whether the filing of a separate personal injury lawsuit against the responsible party would be possible.


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