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Human Error Can Trigger Massive Jump in Accident Numbers

Los Angeles drivers made national news the weekend before Thanksgiving when there were reportedly hundreds of accidents because of a torrential downpour that dumped up to two inches of rain in the area. While we on the Atlantic Seaboard may have a laugh at the idea of these Californians panicking because of a little rain, North Carolina drivers are not immune to accidents in the rain.

The data from the North Carolina Department of Transportation indicates that we have our fair crashes here. And who can forget the massive pileup last March on a six mile stretch of I-40 in Alamance County that included 134 vehicles and resulted in 25 injuries? Fortunately there were no fatalities.

According to Highway Patrol officials on the scene at the time, rain and fog were the initial cause of the accidents, but there were mitigating factors for why the numbers escalated.

Speeds driven – drivers were traveling too fast for the conditions.

Tailgating – drivers were following too closely for the conditions.

Inattention – drivers failed to respond to other drivers around them.

There were initially four crashes involving two dozen vehicles on the eastbound lane. As crews worked to clear these initial accidents, there were additional crashes when drivers in the westbound lanes slowed to rubberneck.

It’s a smart move to contact an experienced attorney in the field of personal injury if you, a friend or a family member was involved in a major pileup, a smaller but still serious accident with injuries, or a fender-bender with property damage. Insurance may cover major expenses, but it may not be enough to cover everything. There are no guarantees, but an attorney can help gain appropriate compensation if another driver caused property damage, injury or even death.


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