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Serious stroller and carrier injuries happen twice per hour

North Carolina parents of young children usually assume that baby strollers and child carriers are safe. However, children can be injured while riding in them, and it is actually quite common. A study has found that there are an average of two children sent to emergency rooms around the country about every hour due to injuries sustained in these devicdes.

The study on stroller and child carrier injuries was authored by a research associate from the Center for Injury Research and Policy at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. The lead author and her team analyzed government data that was collected between 1990 and 2010. During that time period, there were 361,000 children below the age of 6 who were sent to the emergency room after an accident in a stroller or carrier.

Children are often injured in strollers and carriers due to falls, and falling accounted for the vast majority of the injuries that were analyzed in the study. Tipping over was the second most common cause of stroller and carrier injuries. According to the study, children usually injure their heads and faces in a stroller or child carrier accident. Though many accidents only lead to bumps and bruises, one-third of child carrier accidents and one-quarter of stroller accidents result in concussions or traumatic brain injuries.

Stroller and child carrier manufacturers may be responsible for some accidents. If a child-carrying product was defective or missing required warning labels, the parents of a child who was injured while using the product may be able to sue the product manufacturer for compensation. An attorney may be able to help parents to file a products liability lawsuit against a negligent stroller or child carrier manufacturer.


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