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More cars being recalled for software issues

North Carolina motorists may be interested to learn that software defects might be becoming a more common factor in automobile recalls. Research conducted by a financial advisory firm indicates that the problem could be more serious than some might think. Since cars with integrated computer systems are certainly more widespread than they were in the past, it’s worth taking a closer look at the issue.

According to one of the researchers, automobiles can come with more software code than even some military fighter jets. As one might expect, this can have the effect of multiplying the number of variables that can go wrong inside of a modern vehicle. While regular software upgrades to mitigate security vulnerabilities and inefficiencies could be a possible solution, more work may be needed on the part of manufacturers themselves to reduce the incidence of these problems.

Furthermore, since more vehicles are now coming with some form of Internet connectivity, some analysts are concerned about the dangers that could result. For example, it may be possible for hackers to disrupt vehicle systems or mine them for private data that could compromise someone’s personal information. Researchers have noted that 15 percent of recalled vehicles in 2015 were in fact recalled for problems with their software rather than for defective auto parts.

As this report illustrates, there are many variables that can lead to a car accident. Given the complexities involved in proving that a automobile design defect was the culprit, an injured victim may want to have the assistance of an attorney who has products liability experience when seeking compensation.


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