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Ways to reduce workplace injury accidents

There are many things North Carolina employers can do to reduce the likelihood that their employees will be hurt in an accident while on the job. Employers should implement these actions so that accidents can be more easily avoided.

One step employers should take is to establish safety protocols and make certain that employees adhere to them strictly at all times. They should make certain floors are kept clear of debris and that non-slip mats are placed on surfaces that are slippery. To prevent falls, employers should make certain that they have the correct safety equipment in place and that the employees are trained in how to use it correctly.

Having regularly scheduled training regarding workplace safety is important, as is mandating attendance. Employers should also take steps to help their employees live healthier lives. They might offer gym memberships and free healthy food and try to make the workplace as stress-free as possible. Providing anger management training to workers and encouraging mental health is also important. Doing this can help to prevent an employee from committing an act of workplace violence during an angry outburst.

In order to help protect workers who are injured on the job, most employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance coverage. If a worker is injured on the job, in most cases it is irrelevant as to who was at fault in causing the accident. Benefits that may be available under workers’ compensation can include the furnishing of medical care as well as partial wage replacement. An attorney can outline the procedural requirements involved in preparing and filing a claim.


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