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Safety concerns prompt online retailer to halt hoverboard sales

Many people in North Carolina may be shopping for hoverboards this holiday season, but online shoppers won’t be able to look to to find one. The major online retailer has stopped selling hoverboards due to increasing safety concerns about the popular sports item.

The potential dangers of hoverboards, which are often considered to be a toy, have been in the news recently. In the United States there have been reports of the self-balancing electric scooters catching fire or exploding. The mother of a girl in Florida reported that the 11-year-old jumped off of her hoverboard because she felt it getting hot, and then flames began to emerge from the device. Great Britain has prevented 15,000 hoverboards from passing through customs because of failed safety checks.

Overstock’s decision to stop selling the devices came on Dec. 9. The retailer also announced that it is sending safety notices to all customers who purchased a hoverboard, and it is offering a full refund to anyone who requests it within two weeks of receiving the notice or the date that their hoverboard was delivered. The company’s general counsel referred to the decision as a precaution.

Tracking down specific hoverboards that may be dangerous can be difficult because there are many different factories involved in their manufacture. The Consumer Product Safety Commission is currently looking into the safety of hoverboards, and fire department officials recommend that people who are shopping for a hoverboard check packaging for a UL-Approved label.

When someone is injured because of a faulty product, the question of liability arises. Negligent manufacturers may be liable when a product causes harm to someone. A personal injury attorney can often be of assistance to an injured victim in seeking compensation for medical expenses and other losses that have been incurred.


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