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Cargo tank rollover dangers and how to prevent them

North Carolina drivers might benefit from learning about all types of auto accidents, including those that involve large trucks, as well as prevention techniques that can keep everyone safe on the road. Accidents that might prove dangerous for both the public and the environment are cargo tank rollovers.

Though there are many myths related about why cargo tanks roll over, including road conditions, inexperience and speeding, a 2007 study found that driver error, mechanical issues and load size actually play much bigger roles in this type of truck accident. According to the study, driver error was part of the cause of 78 percent of cargo rollovers. Driver error can include being inattentive or drowsy and driving off the road, drifting onto the soft shoulder or making an incorrect turn at an intersection. Mechanical issues were also often involved, with about 54 percent of the accidents involving some type of break malfunction. Finally, many drivers are also unaware of how liquid partial loads might affect their driving, with the study showing that 63 percent of these accidents happened in vehicles with partial loads.

One way for drivers to prevent rollovers is by maintaining focus and attention on the road. Being properly trained is another important prevention tool. Drivers can be trained using motion-based simulators to learn to handle many types of situations without being in actual danger. They can also use vehicles that have electronic stability aids that provide constant education about how to react on the road, such as when taking a turn too fast.

Even with the best of precautions, commercial vehicles will still get into accidents. An injured victim of such an accident that was caused by the negligence of another driver may want to speak with an attorney in order to determine how best to seek compensation for the damages that have been incurred.


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