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Choosing your North Carolina injury or disability attorney

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2015 | Social Security Disability

Choosing your North Carolina injury or disability attorney.

Why O'Malley Tunstall? A law firm with experience, resources and knowledge base to handle any North Carolina personal injury, medical malpractice, social security disability or workers’ compensation case. A law firm that is still small enough so that you speak with your actual attorney and paralegal but large enough so that we have handled similar cases both to settlement and trial previously. Our firm limited our practice to personal injury, social security disability, workers’ compensation and medical malpractice in 1993 and never looked back.

Our firm utilizes the most modern technology to stay in touch with our clients and staff. We have been a paperless office, to the extent any law firm is paperless, since 2004. Our firm utilizes a document management and case control system most often found in law offices with over 100 attorneys. All of our attorneys can check every aspect of your case from their ipad, laptop, desktop computer and phone. Our attorneys often also utilize various online services to keep in contact with our clients.

All of our attorneys have taught at continuing education seminars for other attorneys in our chosen practice areas. When choosing your North Carolina injury or disability attorney remember the attorneys at O'Malley Tunstall are often asked to teach other attorneys and keep them updated on the most up to date law. We have found teaching an area of the law gives us the best ability to stay current while handing our injured or disabled client’s cases.

From either our Eastern NC offices or our Raleigh office, our use of technology and great staff allows us to give our clients the best results we can possibly obtain for them. Call us, we will help you in any way we can.


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