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NC Medical Malpractice Verdict Tunstall Co-Counsel

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2015 | Firm News

NC Medical Malpractice Verdict Tunstall Co-Counsel

Joe Tunstall was co-counsel with Lynwood Evans of Ward and Smith in a recent Medical Malpractice trial that resulted in a 5,000,000.00 verdict in Bertie County for our client.

Our client went to the emergency room for his kidney stone. Due to the misapplication of Phenergan he was diagnosed with chronic regional pain syndrome and a lifetime of disability.

The Phenergan – often used to treat nausea and pain – was not diluted correctly and was administered too quickly causing the chemical phlebitis which resulted in chronic regional pain syndrome, a horrible condition that caused daily extreme pain.

The hospital attempted to attack our client with a private investigator. Joe and Lynwood attacked the investigators head on using numerous friends and family to demonstrate how real our clients injuries truly are and the impact of the same to him. The jury clearly were not impressed with the investigators who filmed and photographed not only our client but his family as well.

Joe, in leading our personal injury and products liability sections partners with other attorneys on a regular basis in large and complex cases. He is often hired by other attorneys due to his trial experience to assist in the litigation and trial of large cases. In the case of this NC Medical Malpractice Verdict Tunstall worked with co-counsel, Lynwood Evans.  In this case Joe asked Lynwood to work with him on this claim as Lynwood’s medical knowledge and ability with complex medical experts is unsurpassed.

NC Lawyers Weekly wrote an article about this case featured below.

NC Medical Malpractice Verdict


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