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Social Security Disability, SSI Hearings Wait Times Increased

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2015 | Social Security Disability

The Wait Time is Increasing for Social Security Disability, SSI Hearings.

The wait time for Social Security disability hearings has been increasing across the country. The national average wait from the time a request for hearing is submitted until the hearing is held is 422 days. Most North Carolina Hearing offices are slower than the national average.  The average wait at the Raleigh North Carolina Hearing Office is 480 days.  The average wait time for the Fayetteville, North Carolina Hearing Office is 543 days. Across the country Social Security is looking at the number of hearing requests approaching one million.  Social Security cannot keep up with the large number of requests.  Therefore, if you are disabled, you must prepare for a delay and continue to receive medical treatment.

It is important to let Social Security know if you have filed for bankruptcy, have received a notice of foreclosure or have received a notice of eviction. Social Security will consider scheduling a hearing early, when these event occur.

Social Security and your attorney need to have a current address and phone number for you at all times. If you cannot be reached, that can cause further delays. Your medical records also need to be kept up to date with Social Security as well.

If there is strong medical evidence in your case, such as a treating doctor’s restriction that take you out of work, Social Security can review files for possible approvals.  Speak with your attorney about whether your evidence is strong enough to request such an approval.  In most cases, the issues are not clear enough without additional testimony.

Finally, don’t give up hope.  I you have worked and paid into the system you will get your day in Court to describe your contition.  Call us, we will be glad to discuss with you.


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