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Protect Yourself, Keep Vehicle under Control during MVA

Protect Yourself, Keep Vehicle under Control during MVA with Tips below:

If you are about to be involved in a motor vehicle crash, the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles has the following suggestions set out in the Driver’s Handbook to keep your vehicle under proper control and protect yourself:

If a crash seems likely:

1. sound the horn;

2. keep to the right;

3. turn away from oncoming traffic, even if you must leave the road;

4. and/or, drive off the road, into an open field if possible.

If you are about to be hit from the rear

1. and there are no vehicles in front of you:

2. press the accelerator and move away as quickly as possible;

3. be ready to apply your breaks if there is no room to move;

4. brace yourself between the steering wheel and the seat;

5. and press the back of your head firmly against the head rest.

If you are about to be hit:

1. keep a tight grip on the steering wheel;

2. and prepare to turn fast so that you can try to control the vehicle.

If all else fails, use your arms and hands to protect your face from braking glass.

These tips are designed to assist you in the event that you cannot prevent a collision and know in advance that a collision is about to occur.  Don’t forget to keep flares, cell phone, and a first aid kit in your vehicle at all times.

If you are injured you may need medical and legal attention.  Some folks feel legal representation may assist them resolve the issues created by a collision.  Call our office or contact us if our automobile collision attorneys may assist.  Don’t forget, Protect Yourself, Keep Vehicle under Control during MVA.


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