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Do I need a North Carolina Injury Attorney?

Do I need a North Carolina Injury Attorney? Can I handle my personal injury case on my own? Why should I hire an attorney if the automobile insurance adjuster will negotiate directly with me? Personal Injury FAQ

In North Carolina when someone fails to follow the driving rules and injures you the law allows you to recover for your medical expenses, time out of work, permanent injury and physical pain and mental suffering. As automobile insurance is required in North Carolina you often have to request these damages from an insurance adjuster hired to reduce the value of your claims. These insurance adjusters are hired by the insurance company to follow their own internal requirements for resolving claims. Insurance companies give the adjusters resources, attorneys, nurses, investigators and staff to help reduce the value of your claim. Having an attorney who knows the law and who is prepared to file suit and try your case to a jury if necessary helps even the playing field.  

In addition to organizing and presenting your case to the adjuster, an injury attorney can file suit on your behalf, negotiate the medical bills, medical liens and help you maximize your recovery. Often the medical expenses are paid by private health insurance that requests to be reimbursed at the end of the case. A knowledgeable attorney knows how to begin the negotiation early to allow time for proper consideration of your particular facts. If you were employed or in the process of working at the time of the collision — workers’ compensation maybe an issue in the case.  Using Medical Payments coverage, which your attorney can explain, will also assist you with your bottom line pocket number.  Working with an attorney who handles this section of the law primarily gives you the benefit of that lawyers’ expertise.

Therefore, it is often in your best interest to hire North Carolina Injury Attorney to give you the best advice about how to handle your NC injury case.  If you have questions regarding whether you need a NC injury attorney, call us.  We have attorneys ready to discuss your claim.


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