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Education ranger dies after being hit by tree

A North Carolina Forest Service employee died in an accident that occurred on Aug. 13 in Caldwell County. According to the report, the incident occurred when the 31-year-old man used a tractor in an attempt to move a tree out of the roadway. The tree snapped during and struck him in the chest. He was transported to a nearby hospital where he died from the injuries he suffered.

It was reported on Aug. 14 that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration was involved in an investigation of the incident. The Forest Service closed the park and said it could take until the middle of the week beginning on Aug. 18 for it to reopen.

When employees are injured while performing their job duties, they have the option of filing workers’ compensation claims with their employers or their employers’ insurance companies. Fatal work accidents are also covered by workers’ compensation. In that tragic instance, an employee’s immediate family member can file the claim in pursuit of benefits for any medical expenses incurred prior to that loved one’s death as well as for the loss of the person’s income. Funeral and burial costs can also be covered by those payments.

If the employer or insurance company denies the claim or offers a settlement that does not cover the cost of the financial damage suffered by the deceased employee’s family, they may wish to retain an attorney. An attorney could help such a client with estimating the total costs incurred due to the worker’s death then negotiate a settlement or proceed with civil litigation if an agreement could not be reached.

Source: WSOCTV.COM, “NC Forest Service employee dies in tree accident”, Dave Faherty , August 14, 2014

Source: WSOCTV.COM, “NC Forest Service employee dies in tree accident“, Dave Faherty , August 14, 2014


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