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Don’t let an Insurance Company make you a Victim Twice

Don’t let an Insurance Company make you a victim twice.  Make sure you get legal counsel to assist with injuries you have from an automobile collision.

Why hire an attorney?  Can’t you just handle it on your own?  In North Carolina the insurance company has a professional whose job it is to reduce payments and try to pay you less than the full value of your claim.  That insurance adjuster is not on your side.  The insurance company is also constantly getting the advice of their legal counsel.  Why should you not take advantage of representation of your own? 

Often an attorney’s job in a case is merely to give you advice, obtain the medical records and bills, calculate and obtain your lost wages and negotiate the case.  They earn their money by correctly handling the medical liens and health insurance liens that attach once your bring your claim.  In other cases they use their expertise to obtain proper compensation for scarring, disfigurement or other permanent injuries.  Sometimes through their investigation they can help determine who was at fault early in the case or show that you truly did not contribute to your own collision.  If you cannot resolve the case to your satisfaction pre-suit, they will assist you by filing a lawsuit on your behalf to recover damages.  The insurance company will hire an attorney to represent the defendant.  An insurance company will look after the person who caused your harms. 

Our office has a list of Frequently Asked Questions from our clients in Automobile Collisions and our answers.  Don’t be a victim twice, give us a call to discuss your claim.


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