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Social Security Disability, SSI, SSD Application? What do i need to know?

Social Security needs to gather quite a bit of information when they take a disability application from you. Our office can help you submit an application based on you work history and we would need the same information. Meet Susan O’Malley, head of our Social Security Section. Social Security Administration (SSA) needs accurate contact information. This includes your mailing address and a phone number where you can be reached. SSA will need your work history for the last fifteen years before you stopped work due to your disability. You must include the name and address of the employer and your job title. SSA will also require a description of what you did on each job. SSA will need to know what the highest grade you completed in school. They will need the contact information for any healthcare provider that treats you for you health problems. This will include the doctor’s name address and phone number. SSA will also need to know what the doctor treats you for and how long you have gone to that doctor. Social Security will need the list of medications you currently take. They will need the name of the medicine, the dose, what it does and who prescribes it to you. SSA will need to know about any marriages and divorces. They will want to know that date on which your medical conditions stopped you form working. This date may be different from the date the condition began. Susan board certified disability specialist Social Security will also need a brief description of how your health condition limits you ability to function. Social Security uses this information to determine whether you are unable to work on a full-time basis based on your age, education, skills form past work and the limitations caused by your health condition. It will help the application process go smoother if you already have this information gathered. Our social security attorneys have provided a list of the above.


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