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How will the Federal Government’s Sequester affect my Social Security Disability?

Sequestration’s mandatory budget cuts are scheduled to take effect on Friday, March 1, 2013. The sequestration cuts are not supposed to effect those already receiving Social Security Disability payments.  Those persons that are still in the application and hearing stages may be affected depending on the length of time of the sequester. Sequestration could result in the loss of over 5,000 more Social Security Administration employees.  This reduction in the number of SSA employees will be felt at the field and hearing offices.  Field office operations may eventually be impacted resulting in longer waits to be seen by staff to handle applications and less total applications taken on any given day.  A delay in initial decision of applications may also result due to the lack of staff to review applications and make recommendations.  Finally as staff is reduced, hearings may be delayed resulting in additional time waiting for a hearing decision due to lack of staff to process the decision, man the hearings and write the decision. We certainly hope that the Federal Government will address these issues quickly, but the projection above could result in delays for those most in need of assistance.  


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