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Who will Social Security consider evidence of my disability from?

Who Will Social Security Consider Evidence From? Social Security is looking for acceptable medical sources to establish that you have a medical condition that could result in disability. 20 CFR §404.1513. Acceptable medical sources include but are not limited to: doctors; psychologists; optometrists, podiatrists and speech-language pathologists. 20 CFR §404.1513. The healthcare providers have to be properly licensed or certified in addition to being listed. Social Security may also consider evidence from other sources. These will not be considered medical sources. Other sources can be the following: nurse practitioners; physicians’ assistants; naturopaths, chiropractors, audiologists, therapists; educational personnel; social welfare agency personnel and other non-medical sources. 20 CFR §404.1513 It will be important to think about who might have information about your inability to work other than just  your normal doctors. Is there a former employer who could verify that you could no longer perform your job because of your conditions? Are you being helped with your monthly expenses by your church? If so, would the church be willing to state why they are giving you the help. If you have become less active in your church or an organization that you belong to, it would be helpful to have documentation on that as well. Are there activities of daily living that you need help with now? Who helps you with those? It may be helpful to keep a calendar of your bad days to document how many days a month you are not able to function. This information will help fill in the day to day changes that have happened because of your medical condition. Get creative.  Although


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