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Tough Personal Injury Cases

Representing clients who have been injured is often difficult.  They are in pain, are out of work, have serious financial and other obligations and need your advice and assistance right now.  The system is not always designed to work quickly.  Having your clients truly understand that you will be with them no matter what happens takes years of building trust, and can be shattered with a misused word or seemingly unfriendly gesture taken out of context. I recently had a difficult trial where my client was truly taken advantage of and only after years of preparation were we finally able to get the case into the courtroom.  He did a wonderful job of explaining what he had experienced and gone through in the worst situation of his life, and one we all to some degree stay nervous about deep in our hearts.  He was arrested due to a personal vendetta. His story, though, is not one of what he suffered, although he did suffer, but is more a wonderful example about those people who just will not back down.  I had the fortunate experience, that often comes only once in a career, of representing a client who stood up to the system, not only for himself, but for others and told his story. Opinions about what the state should or should not have done to the trooper are really irrelevant.  My client continues to look over his shoulder, around every corner and will continue to have issues as a result of not allowing himself to be taken advantage of by someone in authority who was misusing that authority.  Rick Eatmon’s story is truly, one of overcoming through sheer determination not to allow the system to make him irrelevant.  The State of North Carolina finally admitting fault and finding  $15,000.00 in damages that he could not collect, still makes him a winner.


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