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Serious Injury? Need NC Social Security, Workers’ Compensation and Auto Accident lawyer?

Serious Injury? Need NC Social Security, Workers’ Compensation and Auto Accident lawyer?

The combination of our firms three practice areas allow us to focus on individual areas of the law that overlap and combine to give our clients the best overall advice and outcomes for serious injuries. 

Quite often we have clients that come into our office for help with social security disability or for an automobile accident and leave having been assisted by several attorneys in our office who each have a different focus or in the case of Susan O’Malley, specialty. Susan O’Malley and Joe Tunstall both have unique perspectives for serious injuries as they have both tried many cases to a jury, both represented clients in workers’ compensation cases at hearing and on appeal, both handled social security cases at both the initial hearing stage and onto appeal to Federal District Court and both handled appeals in front of the North Carolina Court of Appeals and North Carolina Supreme Court. 

Susan O’Malley has taken the additional step of becoming over the years a social security disability specialist as recognized by the North Carolina State Bar.  Susan is truly a specialist and expert in her chosen area of the law, but in conjunction with Joe knows the pitfalls that can befall someone from a serous injury.  Together they often share clients who due to no fault of their own, have been seriously injured and need both their injury claims handled and as they are unable to return to any work, social security disability.

In order to handle serious injury claims, you must understand the need of your client and understand the eventual outcome.  Joe recently represented a super nice hard working truck driver who has hit head on by a drunk driver.  There were limited funds available from the drunk and after the workers’ compensation carrier refused to reduce their lien, a hearing was held where a Superior Court Judge wiped out the lien of the Comp carrier.  The work comp carrier appealed and Joe and his wonderful client successfully defended that result in the North Carolina Court of Appeals. Result

Susan’s ability to obtain social security benefits for the client while litigating a serious injury claim allows for maximum result for our wonderful clients. All three of our practice areas work well together to achieve maximum result for our seriously injured clients. That is why if you have a Serious Injury? Need NC Social Security, Workers’ Compensation and Auto Accident Lawyer?



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