Social Security Disability FAQ

How much can I expect to receive in benefits?
The Social Security Administration calculates your benefits based on your average current monthly earnings. You can get a copy of your earning record and estimated Social Security Disability benefits by contacting the SSA offices in your area.

I'm receiving other benefits because of my disability. Does this prevent me from receiving Social Security Disability benefits?
Not necessarily, but your benefits can be reduced if you are eligible for workers' compensation benefits or benefits from certain federal, state, local government, civil service or military disability programs.

What can cause my benefits to stop?
If your work situation has changed "substantially" (meaning you receive more than what Social Security deems substantial gainful employment) or your condition has improved to the point that you are no longer considered disabled.

What if my claim is denied?
Social Security has time limits at each level in which to appeal. If you have been denied, you should promptly perfect your appeal.

How do I apply for benefits?
You can apply at any Social Security office in your area or it can be done by mail or phone. This should be done as soon as you become disabled.

When do benefits begin?
It varies depending on the type of claim you have, when your claim was filed and when your claim was approved.