Raleigh Disability Lawyers: When You Are Denied

You don't need to hire a lawyer to apply for disability benefits. Many people skip that part, and some are successful on their own. The problem is that many more are turned down for some minor shortcoming or omission in their records or presentation. They are disappointed when their SSD claim is rejected, and they fold up and quit.

It's a shame that denial of benefits has this effect, because those people earned benefits through years of hard work.

Hiring a competent, caring SSD or SSI lawyer like Susan M. O'Malley is how you avoid denial and discouragement. Susan M. O'Malley knows the system, because she has been working (successfully) in it for many years.

Social Security Denial ∙ Social Security Appeals

These are the steps she takes to improve your chances of success:

  • Pulling your medical records together. Clinics and providers respond much more quickly with records when an attorney asks for them. Ms. O'Malley reviews these records to ensure that they are complete and up to date.
  • Obtaining opinions from providers. Medical records by themselves are skeletal. By obtaining written opinions from your doctors, our attorney can present a logical framework to support what the medical records show.
  • Helping you to be prepared for the hearing. You don't want to undermine your own case by being nervous or forgetting what you are there for. We explain how the hearing will go, and how to do your very best before the ALJ.
  • Questioning the vocational expert. The SSA will hire a vocational expert to evaluate your ability to work. This expert's goal is to justify denying your claim. Susan M. O'Malley will cross-examine the expert to poke holes in his or her testimony. This is something you could never do without a skilled attorney!

Finally, our lawyer knows how these hearings work. She knows the law. She knows the individuals involved and in turn she is known and respected by them. That is a powerful advantage to have going into such an important hearing.

Our Goal Is To Help

Recovering after your benefits are denied is an important part of the SSD and SSI process. We invite you to speak with our Raleigh, North Carolina, "disability benefits denied" attorneys.

Call us at 252-823-2266, 919-277-0150 or toll free 800-755-1987, and let's get your application back on track.