Bounce House Accidents

Bounce houses, slides and other types of inflatable structures go by many different names — moonwalks, bouncy castles, bouncy houses, jolly jumps, moon bounces and closed inflatable trampolines (CITs) — but they all share the possibility that they could seriously harm your child.

Most encounters with a bounce house happen at local festivals, carnivals and fairs. But, they are also popular at children's birthday parties and other private events where many children will be present such as a family reunion or school activity.

Do The People Running It Know How To Safely Operate It?

Bounce houses are often rented to these private parties. The people renting them may only be working under the assumption that the device is in a safe condition. That does not mean it is. They may have received little to know instruction to help them operate it safely. Even when these devices are operated by their owners, there is still real risk of injury present.

Injuries such as traumatic brain injury (TBI), spinal cord injuries, bone fractures and death can occur in accidents such as:

  • One child jumps on top of another
  • Child bouncing out of the structure onto pavement or concrete causing head injuries
  • The bounce house being blown away in strong winds

Was Your Child Injured?

We understand the special circumstances that can surround a child being severely injured. The full severity of your child's injuries may not become fully known for some time. There could be developmental issues years down the road. We will build a comprehensive case that helps your child today and years from now if necessary.

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