Raleigh Rear-End Accident Attorneys

You never saw it coming. That's what victims of rear-end collisions often say. They are paused at an intersection, and suddenly the car behind them smashes into the rear end. Damage to the car be substantial, but even worse is the injury done to you. Rear-end collisions are famous for causing whiplash injuries. They can also cause:

Soft tissue injuries, including whiplash. The body is built to tolerate jolts and bumps, but a vehicle striking from the rear at 20 miles per hour is more trauma than most bodies can handle. Spinal trauma often qualifies as a soft tissue injury. Whiplash is a form of flexion/extension injuries. Soft tissue injuries include any kind of strain, sprain and stress to the body that does not result in fracture.

Severe head injuries. When the passenger is not belted in and the car is rear-ended, the head may strike the dash or car frame, with extremely negative results. Open head wounds and closed head wounds can occur.

Spinal injury. Rear-end collisions often cause disks to herniate, which are extremely painful. Broken vertebrae are also common. The worst outcome is probably paralysis, which varies in severity according to the location of the wound to the spinal cord.

Traumatic brain injury. Shoulder-strap seat belts can help prevent the head from pitching forward and striking another object. Closed head wounds include concussion and coma. Traumatic brain injury can alter an individual's personality and require lifelong personal assistance.

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