Raleigh Dog Bite Attorneys

Despite the old saying that every dog is "entitled to one bite," a dog bite victim in North Carolina does not have to prove that the dog bit another person earlier. It's only necessary to demonstrate its vicious inclinations by trying to bite another person. If the owner is aware of the dog's dangerous nature, the owner is negligent if it actually bites someone. North Carolina imposes strict liability on owners for injuries and damages caused by their dog.

This law is significant because dog bites and animal attacks can be quite serious. Even a small dog whose owners swear is harmless, may become violent under certain conditions. Sadly, the victims who suffer most are usually small children, who may be bitten or torn to death, or suffer lifelong problems with scars and deformity.

Negligence falls into two areas: letting the dog run free in violation of clear leash laws, or knowing the dog was a danger to others, and doing nothing to prevent an attack.

Most people like dogs and the companionship they provide. But violent acts against innocent people, especially children, are intolerable.

At O'Malley Tunstall PLLC, serving Raleigh and Eastern North Carolina, we file personal injury claims in cases in which a dog has caused serious injury or death. Our lawyers are skilled in reconstructing the attack for juries, and showing every dimension of the injuries caused — physical, emotional and financial.

As in all our personal injury work, we assertively seek maximum compensation for the harm done to you or your loved one. We seek damages not against the negligent dog owner, who may not have resources, but against the insurance company responsible for what happens on that property.

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