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Federal rule aims to improve truck driver training

Federal rules for truck driver training are going into place that will affect new drivers in North Carolina and across the United States. The national training standards had been delayed for five months after the Trump administration ordered the regulations reviewed. The new rules, which became effective on June 5, have a compliance window that lasts for nearly three years.

Truckers may face increase in sleep apnea screening requirements

North Carolina motorists who are concerned about their safety on the roadway may be interested to learn that trucking companies may soon be screening more drivers for sleep apnea. Based on the U.S. Supreme Court's April decision not to hear a case on the matter, courts do not appear to be willing to grant truckers protection for obesity under the American with Disabilities Act. As a result, some companies may now require testing with less fear of being named in a potential lawsuit.

More trucks involved in deadly crashes

More large trucks and buses are becoming involved in fatal accidents in North Carolina and around the country according to a report from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The agency observed increases between 2014 and 2015 in both the number of commercial vehicles weighing in excess of 10,000 pounds involved in fatal crashes and the number of fatal accidents per 100 million miles traveled by trucks and buses.

Company building remote control tech for trucks

North Carolina motorists may be interested to learn that truck drivers may soon be operating their commercial vehicles remotely. A company based in San Francisco created remote control technology that could be retrofit into commercial trucks that are already using the roadways.

Truckers with health issues more likely to cause crashes

North Carolina motorists may be interested to learn that, according to a study, commercial truck drivers who have certain health issues are more likely to be a risk to others on the road with them. Ultimately, the study showed that there was an association between decreasing health and increased crash risk.

New NHTSA guidelines for driver mode on cell phones

In an effort to help curb the dangers of distracted driving, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has recently proposed the idea of a new "driver mode" cell phone setting. The setting would be manual since technology cannot currently differentiate between a driver's phone and a passenger's phone. In the future, however, technology may allow for such a switch to be automatic.

Safety rules to prevent truck driver fatigue suspended

In early December, Republican lawmakers blocked Obama administration rules that would require truckers in North Carolina and nationwide to get enough rest between shifts. Safety advocates worry other regulations could be rolled back once Republicans take control of Congress and the White House in January.

Truck drivers still required to take 30-minute rest breaks

Many North Carolina truck accidents are caused by truck drivers that have been driving for long periods of time without stopping to rest or sleep. To ensure that commercial truck drivers are well rested, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has several sleep and rest break requirements. One of those requirements is that truck operators rest for 30 minutes at some point during the first eight hours of each workday.

New technology can help prevent drowsy driving accidents

Each year in North Carolina, people are involved in accidents caused by drowsy or fatigued commercial truck drivers. Often, these accidents occur when drivers fail to reduce their speed when traffic ahead has slowed. In other cases, the trucker may drift into another lane due to drowsiness. Fortunately, new technology exists that may help to reduce the incidence of these often catastrophic accidents.

Cargo tank rollover dangers and how to prevent them

North Carolina drivers might benefit from learning about all types of auto accidents, including those that involve large trucks, as well as prevention techniques that can keep everyone safe on the road. Accidents that might prove dangerous for both the public and the environment are cargo tank rollovers.

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